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500 Days Later and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Blocks Are A Tiny Fraction of Bitcoin’s [BTC]

It’s been more than 500 days since the contentious hard fork that of August 2017 that resulted in the creation of Bitcoin Cash from the original Bitcoin blockchain. Looking back at the data, it seems that Bitcoin Cash is not as popular as the currency from which it forked.

According to data from Coinmetrics and LongHash, block sizes between the two blockchains is vastly different. Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency by market cap is leading the block size even though the block capacity of a Bitcoin is pale as compared to Bitcoin Cash’s.


Bitcoin block size has always been capped at 2MB while Bitcoin Cash (BCH) forked to allow for greater block sizes, initially agreeing to raise the cap to 8MB. It has since been bumped up to 32MB.

However, it seems that BCH may not have needed the extra space after all. Over the past 500 days, BCH blocks have averaged 171K of data which represents about 2.1% of the total BCH block capacity. There have been few notable instances that BCH block sizes have surpassed BTC block sizes and only two days in the entire existence of BCH have these block sizes been more than half the block size capacities.

Looking at the charts those days are January 15th, and September 1st, 2018. Over the past 30 days following the successful but also continuous hard fork within the Bitcoin Cash community, BCH block sizes have averaged 34KB as compared to BTC’s block size that has averaged 923KB.

This data shows that BCH is not as popular as Bitcoin and despite the contentious hard fork that was based mainly on the block size limit, the resultant fork, the BCH, did not result to anything significantly beneficial to the community. This has led Cobra, the founder of Bitcoin.org domain and Bitcointalk.org chat forum to prophesy doom over the BCH currency.

Cobra also did not mince his words over a week ago when he tweeted that he was selling his Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (a fork of the BCH blockchain) coins and stated that the coin is not the real BCH. He wrote that it was “Time to sell all my BSV. Worthless shitcoin.”

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