STORM Token: a blockchain storm to revolutionize the micro-jobs market


Blockchain technology continues to demonstrate its versatility to address all kinds of solutions. This is how the STORM Token initiative, the first token-generation hybrid event with $ 40M emitted through smart contracts, emerges in the microenterprise niche. The remaining $ 10 million will be raised through Bittrex Exchange.

As employers begin to place greater emphasis on technology and automation, it is becoming much more difficult for the average worker to find a traditional job. In the last 5 years, the freelance job market has grown exponentially, becoming a $ 2 trillion industry with continued signs of growth.

The freelance job market continues to grow by 37% year on year. There is significant untapped potential in this market as 27% of the 4.68 billion eligible workers in the world are out of work. Using BitMaker as an insertion point, STORM creators can rapidly develop StorMarket, a platform that can benefit billions of people around the world who are looking for work.

While there has been success, there are inefficiencies within this market that limit its potential. For example, traditional micro-enterprise platforms charge unreasonable fees, which are detrimental to both the job poster and the poster. By creating StorMarket, a safe and decentralized micro-job market, there will be the ability to eliminate the inefficiencies of this market.

A global, decentralized and inclusive ecosystem will change the world for the better in the short term. That’s why CakeCodes, Inc. is taking solid steps to evolve by creating StorMarket. StorMarket will be a decentralized micro-work market that allows people to be rewarded for their attention, skills and time.

By creating a secure, decentralized and micro-employment market, the current environment can be impacted by empowering users. The problem with today’s centralized systems (eg, Fiverr, Upwork and Mechanical Turk) is not only absurd high fees (up to 10-40% of the transaction), but also the lack of protections for the freelancer (seller) in Its platform.

The vision of the creators of STORM is to use the power of blockchain to expand their current platform to create StorMarket, the first decentralized economy of micro-enterprise market. StorMarket will be a place where people can turn to use their skills and talents to complete diversity of tasks. In addition, automation through blockchain technology will allow the entire project management and marketing aspect of a micro-work to be integrated into the platform. Blockchain will thus be the bridge to a new digital world economy.


CakeCodes, Inc. is the creator of the “BitMaker” application, a platform that connects businesses and users directly by offering crypto-currencies as the primary reward. They recognized the inefficiencies in the digital advertising space and proposed to solve them. Users were being flooded with over 5000 ads per day, and advertisers were seeing the negative return on their investments.

By creating BitMaker, they were able to create a platform that financially made sense to both parties. People were being rewarded in crypto-currencies in exchange for their significant engagement with advertisers. By paying people in Bitcoin and Ethereum, advertisers were able to increase the number of users who commit to them, increase their retention rates, and increase the value of the customer’s life.

About the event:

7,500,000,000 STORM Tokens will be created. They will be distributed as follows:

  • 66.7% of tokens available for Token Generation Event

(Prices based on participation time)

  • 15% of chips available for User Rewards

(Resource for acquisition, promotion, bonuses within StorMarket)

  • 18.3% of chips available for employees, contractors, company partners

With 12 month Lockdown rule in staffing to maintain long term commitment to STORM.

As for solutions, CakeCodes, Inc found that by giving people the ability to opt-in and get crypto-currencies as a reward for testing new products and services (Hulu, Mobile Strike, etc.), advertisers also ended up having a positive ROI on their bells. As a result, CakeCodes, Inc. has created a sustainable and cost-effective business with more than 800,000 application installations in more than 187 countries.

To learn more about STORM and StorMarket you can visit their website at  and their blog at

CakeCodes, Inc. located in Seattle, WA, USA, officially announced that its event Tokens generation, Storm tokens, will be available to the public on August 15th.

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