Ethereum (ETH) Could Reach $15,000 According to Research. Is It Time to Buy?

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  • Ethereum could experience an impressive price increase, reaching $15,000, driven by the approval of its first ETFs.
  • There was a crucial change in the political context in the United States. The Democratic Party has benefited the crypto industry by removing regulations.
  • ETH faces unique challenges compared to Bitcoin, but its lack of structural selling pressure and a considerable portion of its supply “locked” could increase its value in the future.

Ethereum is going through a wave of events that could shape its future and redefine its value in the crypto market. A recent projection suggests that ETH could experience an impressive price increase, reaching even $15,000, driven by the approval of its first spot ETFs by the SEC.

The SEC’s approval was granted to eight major financial entities, including Grayscale, Bitwise, and BlackRock, marking a crucial moment in ETH’s history. According to Bloomberg’s experts, inflows into Ethereum ETFs could represent between 10% and 20% of those experienced by Bitcoin ETFs, which could cause a significant boost to ETH’s price in the short and medium term.

Michael Nadeau, founder of The DeFi Report, highlights that Ethereum faces unique challenges compared to Bitcoin, such as lower institutional understanding and lower trading volumes.

However, he also points out that it does not experience the same structural selling pressure as Bitcoin, which could be a key advantage in its future growth. Additionally, a considerable portion of its supply is “locked” in staking contracts and decentralized finance applications, reducing the available circulating supply and potentially increasing its value.

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Ethereum on the Road to a Bull Run

On the other hand, the crypto industry encountered a political turning point in the United States. There was a shift in attitude towards cryptocurrencies by the Democratic Party, with the approval of legislation benefiting the sector and the removal of regulatory barriers. The approval of ETFs is a reflection of this change in stance and represents a shift towards the acceptance and integration of cryptocurrencies into the conventional financial system.

Investors and analysts speculate on the bullish potential of ETH in the coming months. There is a possibility that it could exceed expectations and surpass $15,000 at its peak during the bull cycle, which could represent an impressive return for investors betting on ETH.

Ethereum is in a unique position to capitalize on its integration into traditional financial markets and its role in the digital economy of the future. With the approval of ETFs and a more favorable political environment in the United States, it could be on the verge of a period of growth and expansion that could lead it to reach new all-time highs.


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