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Cardano president thinks about the regulations.

Michael Parsons – President of the Cardano Foundation, conducted an interview for BBC World News Today last January, where he gave his opinion on the regulations in the cryptocurrency market.

In the interview he says that people get scared when governments talk about banning or banning things, but there have been many “attempts” or rumors of bans, as is the case of the Thai or Russian government that spoke of a ban that later It has been fulfilled.

“When governments talk about banning, I think they talk about regulation … There is a balance between personal privacy and regulation, we can not simply have one another, we have to have both … If we had a regulation, cryptocurrencies would be more accessible to the masses …. Would you put your money in a bank that is not regulated? I would not do it.”

To the question, how do cryptocurrencies obtain added value? Parsons responds:

“It gets an added value for its use case and the underlying network, in the case of bitcoin has tens of thousands of people mining and validating transactions and creating new bitcoins, and has a theorem with large amounts of use cases.”

The icos are based on ERC20 tokens of ethereum so there is a great attraction for these two currencies and others like Monero or Cardano … “

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Cardano News:

DAEDALUS (Cardano’s open source Wallet)

Cardano’s team continues to work on their project and in their weekly technical report has given evidence of this, from this document they indicate that after several updates and improvements their paper portfolio is almost ready to be launched.


Several functions of the wallet have been made and improved to obtain a better performance and they are waiting for the Exchanges to perform an update to continue with the migration.


The “encodedSize” function has been added successfully.


Devops is a software engineering practice that aims to unify software development (Dev) and software operation (Ops), were collaborating with daedalus and cardan projects.


From the report they indicate that the section of delegation is almost complete, as far as the incentives are very optimistic with the obtained results and for the networks they continue working in the acceleration for the recovery of blocks.

MISCELLANEOUS WORKS (Compounded by various genres)


The team works on the acetifican of the execution time and preparation for the internal testnet.


Paper review tasks, analysis and presentation of materials.

Smart Contract Language

Definition of the roadmap and prepared a presentation plan for testnet.


Testing of a new AWS resource continues.

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