Worldcoin Implements Stricter Privacy Checks: Users Can Now Unverify World ID. But is it Enough?

Worldcoin Implements Stricter Privacy Checks: Users Can Now Unverify World ID. But is it Enough?
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  • Worldcoin introduces the option to de-verify the global ID to increase control over personal data.
  • In-person age verification checks are implemented to prevent underage registrations on the platform.
  • Privacy and transparency are priorities, with consultations with security and data protection experts.

The Worldcoin project, led by Sam Altman, has taken important steps to strengthen the privacy and data control of its users, while improving age verification and complying with relevant regulations.

The new Global ID Deverification option allows users to permanently erase their iris code, which is a numerical representation of the unique texture of their iris.

This measure ensures that each person can only have one verified global ID in the system, which helps maintain the integrity and security of the platform.

Once a user requests deletion of their ID, a six-month “cooling-offperiod is triggered.

This waiting time is intended to prevent verifications from being carried out again immediately, thus guaranteeing that the iris code associated with that identification is completely eliminated at the end of this period.

This reinforces the protection of user privacy and the responsible management of their data on the platform.

Additionally, in-person age verification checks have been implemented at all orb locations.

This measure seeks to effectively confirm that all users accessing the platform are of the required legal age, which is 18 years or older.

These controls, carried out by external personnel, do not involve storage, registration or transmission of personal information, thus maintaining Worldcoin’s commitment to user privacy.

Worldcoin implements stricter privacy controls: users can now unverify the World ID. But is it enough?

Worldcoin has worked closely with data protection authorities

Both with the Bavarian State Office for Data Protection Supervision (BayLDA) as well as external security and privacy experts to develop these improvements.

The Worldcoin Foundation and the project’s contributors continue to promote transparent and trustworthy systems by opening key parts of the project to open source and subjecting it to external security audits.

Worldcoin‘s vision is to establish a global financial and identity network based on proof of humanity, and these updates reflect its commitment to privacy, security and regulatory compliance.

By working with the community, experts and regulators, Worldcoin seeks to continue leading in terms of individual privacy and data control, while ensuring user trust in its platform.


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