New Airdrop Coming Soon: Aevo plans to reward traders and early adopters

Aevo Announces Airdrop: Rewards for Traders and Early Adopters
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  • Aevo Launch and Airdrop: Deployment of the native token and rewards for early adopters.
  • Incentives with Farming Program: Farming focused on volume, rates and loyalty.
  • Key Next Steps: Launch of the Farming Program and post-Farming claims.

Aevo, the derivatives trading protocol, has taken a significant step by deploying the smart contract for its native token.

The token is expected to be available in the coming weeks, and the exciting news is that the team plans to reward early adopters via an airdrop.

Eligibility to receive tokens extends to users who have interacted with the platform prior to today’s announcement, although specific details of the allocation have yet to be revealed.

The highlight is the upcoming launch of the “Farming Program”.

This program aims to incentivize activity on the platform, focusing on trading volume, fees and user loyalty.

Loyalty will be measured based on recurring usage, and an additional factor called “Farming Boost” will be introduced, which acts as a multiplier on rewards and is affected by the criteria mentioned above.

Users can increase their Aevo Farming Boost by actively participating in trading on the platform

The team has made a strategic decision not to implement a traditional points program, recognizing potential user fatigue with such programs on other protocols.

Instead, the focus will be a farming program focused on accumulating tokens before the airdrop.

New Airdrop Coming Soon: Aevo plans to reward traders and early adopters

Importantly, all users who have contributed volume on Aevo up to this point will be eligible to receive through this program.

The initiative seeks to amplify rewards for those who have actively participated on the platform so far.

Once the Farming Program concludes, each user on the Aevo Exchange will be entitled to claim the amount of $AEVO tokens earned during this period, in addition to whatever they have previously earned.

The DAO will also provide initial liquidity for the $AEVO token.

The Aevo team is actively working on the launch of the Farming Program and conducting audits for the token smart contract and the conversion contract.

Due to delays in the original deadlines, the conversion window for the contract will be shortened.

Aevo is taking significant steps to engage and reward its community through the Farming Program and Airdrop, marking an important milestone in its evolution in the derivatives and DeFi ecosystem.


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