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Grin is an open source software project that implements the MimbleWimble protocol. In this guide we are going to talk about what is needed to mine this cryptocurrency, which is giving a lot to talk about among crypto-enthusiasts. The main objectives and characteristics of the Grin project are privacy, scalability, strong and proven cryptography, simplicity of design and decentralization.

Grin Wallet


Currently Grin wallets can only be created in Linux. To obtain one, go to the official website, click on start and access the GitHub service. The Grin wallet and the detailed installation instructions are available for download.

This option for Windows does not exist yet, so if you want to use this operating system, you must use a wallet from a cryptocurrency exchange.

If you want to know which exchanges trade this cryptocurrency in order to create your wallet, you can consult the following link:

Selection of Graphic Card


Grin mining with AMD graphics cards is not very profitable now, but this could change at any time, if you want to do mining with these graphics you should be aware of any updates, instead, the Nvidia GTX graphics cards with at least 6GB of memory are already suitable for mining the cryptocurrency, such as the GTX1060, GTX1060Ti, GTX1660Ti, GTX2060, GTX1070, GTX1070Ti, GTX2070, GTX1080, GTX1080Ti …

Algorithms and Mining Software for GRIN

GRIN cryptocurrency mining can be done using two algorithms:

Cuckaroo29: ​​Designed to use high performance video cards (GPU with a memory capacity of 6 GB or more).

Cuckatoo31: For video cards with a memory capacity of 11 gigabytes and ASIC (the latest version of gminer works with 8 gigabyte cards).

To start with GRIN mining you can choose one of these programs.

Grin Mining Pools

The mining of cryptocurrencies in pools, is a practice where the computing power of several computers is combined to solve blocks of transactions, grin mining can be done in the following mining pools:

GRIN Mining Calculator

grin calculator

The first thing that should be investigated is if the mining that we are going to carry out is profitable or not. From Crypto Economy we want to help in that task, and that is why we put at your disposal a cryptocurrency mining calculator, where you can know that benefit you will obtain the day, week, month or year. You just have to indicate your hash power, the power consumed by your graphics cards and the cost in KW/h of the rate you have contracted.


  • Grin cryptocurrency mining programs and groups are already running at full capacity.
  • The best results in Grin mining are with Nvidia GPUs with a memory capacity of at least 8 gigabytes.
  • The distribution of the hashrate in the GRIN network can be improved (f2pool accumulates almost 50% of the total hashrate of the network).
  • Despite this, the cryptocurrency Grin arouses great interest among the community of enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies, and in the future it can be quite successful because it has a large community of supporters who are willing to allocate significant funds for their development.
  • The fate of Grin will be clear in a few months, when the emotion diminishes and its possibilities and real values ​​become clear.


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