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The cryptocurrency revolution provides the opportunity for the average investor to diversify his or her holdings with the click of a mouse. Because crypto requires no large initial investments, it’s something anyone can participate in. In a world where fiat currencies and central banks foster distrust, crypto has surged as the fiat currency alternative.

To make crypto investing worthwhile, investors are seeking easy-to-use platforms that are attractive to investors and offer online security., launched in 2018, provides an easy-to-use solution that keeps its customer’s funds safe. By offering an intuitive platform, Jubiter takes crypto out of the realm of the techno industry and into the realm of the average user.

Jubiter customers can easily create a digital wallet, an essential for any cryptocurrency investor. Investors are able to trade crypto for crypto or purchase crypto using a credit card. Jubiter is also in the process of launching a Bitcoin debit card. This card will allow customers to easily use Bitcoin for everyday purchases.


Tips for making the most of your Jubiter experience

Create the account type that suits your needs

Jubiter offers three account levels. Level 1 accounts require just a verified email address. Once a level 1 account is established, customers are able to engage in any crypto-to-crypto transaction, including trading, storing, sending, and receiving crypto.

Level-2 accounts require identity confirmation. This confirmation is needed because level-2 customers are able to purchase crypto using a credit card. Upload of government-issued identification and SMS phone number verification complete the confirmation process.

Level 3 accounts require address verification, such as a utility bill. These accounts require the extra verification because they entitle the holder to purchase larger amounts of coin.

Use the buying feature

With a level-2 account, customers are able to purchase both Bitcoin and Litecoin. The phone number verification is needed for order confirmations. Each order requires uploading a copy of your I.D. This provides the security needed in the crypto world.

Set up a wallet for each cryptocurrency

Digital wallets are the cornerstone of safe crypto trading. Without wallets, your cryptocurrency funds remain vulnerable to hackers. The wallet provides 100 percent protection of your funds.

Wallets store one type of cryptocurrency each. Users need a separate Bitcoin and Litecoin wallet, for example. Once you establish your digital wallet (s), you can send and receive the cryptocurrency specific to each wallet. There is a receive button on the wallet dashboard.

To send crypto, go to the wallet dashboard for the currency you wish to send. Click send and enter the amount and cryptocurrency address in the fields. To complete the process, click send and enter your pin.

Crypto transactions are completed by miners. Miners complete higher-paying transactions first. Jubiter offers the fast transaction option, which pays miners a higher fee and puts your transaction at the front of the line. In volatile markets, this can save you big money.

Double check transactions before sending or receiving

Crypto provides anonymity. The technological process that provides anonymity makes transactions irreversible. If you accidentally send Bitcoin to the wrong address, the exchange can do nothing to retrieve the money. Your only recourse is to request the recipient to return the funds. Always double check before sending or receiving.

Use Jubiter customer support

Jubiter offers customer support services via email, phone, live chat and social accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. The website also provides a Knowledge Base page where you can find answers to all Frequently Asked Questions and also a Forum, which can be very helpful with general questions, such as how to set up and account, how to fund an account, or how to use key features.

Cryptocurrency opens new pathways for transactions that are beyond the control of governments and central banks. Fiat currencies are inherently unreliable. Owning cryptocurrency provides the best hedge against currency devaluation. By establishing an account of Jubiter, investors can trade cryptocurrency easily and safely.


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