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XRP continues to rise; and it looks like it won’t stop!

The XRP price has skyrocketed more than a staggerring 20% in the last 24 hours as investors continue to grow ...


XRP Pumps as Expectations for Ripple’s Win Against SEC Soar

Despite an ongoing cryptocurrency market rout, XRP has continued to rally in both the daily and weekly charts. The price ...


XRP Price Marches 15% Over 24 Hours; Why is Ripple Bullish?

After a week-long downturn, the cryptocurrency market heaved a sigh of relief. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) along with several top ...

XRP Price Pumps 25%, Here's Why

XRP Price Pumps 25%, Here’s Why

Ripple Labs’ XRP token has witnessed a dramatic increase in the past few days breaking a flat long term range ...

xrp price

Ripple (XRP) Fly to Register New November 2021 Highs, Buyers Target $1.40

Ripple can’t exist in isolation or a vacuum. If anything, crypto and applicable laws must live in harmony with a ...

Ripple [XRP] Price Analysis

Ripple Price adds 25% and Posts Minor Winnings versus SEC, Time for $0.78?

The ongoing lawsuit and SEC’s claims of classifying Ripple’s native currency, XRP, as a security temporarily shredded the coin’s valuation.

Ripple SEC Case: What is Happening inside the Industry?

After the filing of the US SEC lawsuit in a Manhattan court on Wednesday alleging that Ripple raised $1.3 billion in unregistered securities offerings since 2013, the firm is now fighting for its life as some small crypto exchanges are removing Ripple coin XRP from their platforms.


Ripple [XRP] Price Analysis: Bearish below $0.25, XRP Foundation Launched

Over $9.75 billion is locked in Ethereum by different DeFi dApps. And this relates to ETH and ERC-20 tokens alone. ...

Ripple adds 13% in a bullish breakout, XRP Buyers Targeting $1.9

Ripple [XRP] Price Analysis: Under bear pressure, Support at 12 cents but Dec 2019 Lows is a level to watch out

It’s a total lockdown. The world has been crippled by the devastating effects of coronavirus. From Spain, Italy, Iran, to ...

Ripple [XRP] Footprint in South Korea, but Prices under the Firm Grip of Bears, 17 cents incoming?

While the financial community watches in dismay as Coronavirus wreaks havoc, the dismantling of the stock market, some quarters speculated, ...

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