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bitcoin gold newsIn this section we bring you a selection of the latest news about Bitcoin Gold [BTG], whether for updates, hacks, adoptions or use cases related to cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Gold is another of the Hard-Forks that Bitcoin [BTC] has had since its inception.

The fork that resulted in Bitcoin Gold occurred on October 25, 2017 and its main objective is that bitcoin mining be decentralized again.

In Crypto-Economy we offer all the latest news about Bitcoin Gold and the world of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Gold Scam

Scam: $ 3.2 millions on Bitcoin Gold stolen

A fraud committed through Bitcoin Gold wallet managed to steal the equivalent of 3.2 million dollars, according to various reports. The scam was perpetrated taking...
Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork

And Bitcoin Gold has arrived

The debate over Bitcoin's climb is far from calming down, and less so when a new bifurcation has already materialized, as Bitcoin Gold. We...

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